Either you're over 30, or you one day will be. Regardless, you're dying. Defy death by taking modern expressions that all the kids use and using them at work.

TMI: Too Much Information. A common symptom of modern startups that gather any data possible. Example: “Should I give you access to this database with millions of rows of customer information, or is that TMI?”

NSFW: Not Suitable For Workplace. Safety first! Example: “Someone broke a glass here and there's water and shards of glass everywhere... this is absolutely NSFW”

IANAL: Shorthand "I am not a lawyer". More common in online communities. Suggested use: “IANAL but I would suggest you settle this claim against the company for $1M”

TBH: To Be Honest. Always use this lest millenials think you're not being honest. Example: “TBH, I embezzled millions of dollars from customer accounts”

MVP: Most Valuable Player, which is typically someone who knows how to be scrappy. Example: “That guy who built the barebones website that got us our first sales is the real MVP builder”

FWB: Friends With Benefits, who you aspire to be like. Example: "I'm an hourly contractor for now but I have lots of FWBs"