In the beginning

The Vanity Metric is business and startup satire and comedy poking fun at Silicon Valley. Work is silly and full of hilarious moments.

Around two weeks into my first job at a giant corporate I realized that the main reason I would show up to work would be to laugh at myself, at other people and at this whole thing we call "business".

I realized it at a meeting at which our partner was going to arrive late. "No matter," I said, taking a whiteboard marker and standing up with as much authority as I've ever had at the board despite being slightly more junior than my colleague's cucumber sandwich. "I've got this. Here's a two by two matrix. The problem is, we're in this quadrant. Where we want to be is in this quadrant.." It wrote itself from there.

Fast forward through more jobs than I should have had by now and it hasn't stopped being ridiculous.