"Don't step on the thunder!"

The value is good, but it is really bad!

The signature meringue pork roast... the taste is not good. The marzipan is also not as good as the mainland two yuan breakfast shop.

Then the lemon tea is completely tasteless: there is no tea smell and no lemon taste. It is better than the Lipton tea bag drink though.

The stew is quite satisfactory, but the quicksand bag is also difficult to eat!

The taste of two desserts is not as good as the roadside stalls.

The only thing that is OK is the shrimp dumpling!

The next day I went next door, the red oil shrimp of the house, the special hand. The small cage is not good.

Don't step on the thunder!

I should listen to the advice of a big brother:

  • Don't eat this good luck: to eat the whole person is not good.
  • I do not recommend to turn the table very fast.
  • More than a thousand can go to eat a lot of deliciousness.

But to tell the truth, the giant egg makes it look like nothing is delicious!

Original review here. In case you're wondering, it was a one-star review. Look man, don't step on the thunder.

(Don't Step on the Thunder, or 别踩雷啊 ('ah' for effect), is now my favorite expression in every language.)